Thursday, June 8, 2017

Teresa & Tim Arden: A GoFundMe campaign for neighbors who lost their home to fire...

Teresa and Tim Arden are long-time DV-area residents, making their home just behind our Lyons Valley Trading Post. They lost their home in this fire, are without insurance, but are moving ahead to rebuild using their own sweat and tears.  Their daughter, Lindsay King, has started a GoFundMe page for them to help them get back on their feet.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Teresa and Tim.  We know they'll give it they can to rebuild and renew their home and lives.

Here is the link: 


Tim and Teresa Arden House Rebuild

My Dad and Mom's single wide modular house brunt down on May 3, 2017 due to possible electrical problem. They lost everything and are now staying in a small trailer with two medium sized dogs and one cat. When I say my Dad technically he is my stepdad but he has been there for my sister and I since we were 9 and 5 and has treated us the same as my other sister (stepsister) We are a very close family and even renovated this home together as a family project and I am still in shock that all that is

left is ashes. I hope posting this I will be able to show my gratitude to him for the wonderful childhood he gave my sisters and I and somehow pay him back by asking for help. Thank you.

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