Monday, May 22, 2017




It's Monday morning (well, 11 AM). All the roads are open and the evacuations lifted for Pio Pico and Dulzura. If, like me, you are still doing defensible space work, it was a reality check. We knew this would be a bad fire year, with all the grass and fuel growth our welcome rains produced. Then most of us found out that their Fire Grants were cut in half, or completely denied. It's been a rough haul trying to get ready, even more so when it has all fallen on the shoulders of homeowners, many of whom depend on those Grants.

I'm writing more on the Grant situation for the June Jamul Shopper. It's been a sobering experience to see what has been happening to the grant money. In fact, I'm pretty shaken by the whole situation.

I doubt that anything can be done this year— though it SHOULD be. So we're on our own to get as ready for the coming fires as we can.

Interesting news on the Gate Fire. I had posted this link to our FaceBook pages, but don't think I got it into an Antler Alert. It has been suspected that the fire first broke out at the informal shooting area, just east and south of the Border Checkpoint. One of the shooters posted a video which is now "of interest" to the ongoing criminal investigation into the cause of the fire. Here's the link.

Can you spot Honey Springs Road in this photo?  94?
HINT: You're looking at the Gate Fire area with Otay Mountain in the background.

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