Monday, October 29, 2018


What a great time our community created last Saturday!  
The Bradford Ranch was again the perfect setting for the 8th Annual Trunk or Treat, sponsored and hosted by the hard working Steering Committee of our own Deerhorn Valley Community Association (DVCA)

Art Valdivia volunteered his photography skills capture the fun, costumes, cars, and parade.  Food was plentiful: hot dogs, hamburgers, cotton candy, and more.  It was a lot of work to get ready, and thanks to all who stepped forward and helped.  I'm getting a list together (and will no doubt not "catch" everyone).  This is one of those events that relies on everyone who comes to make it happen.

What a super community to feel a part of!  Thank you EVERYONE!

Here are some little :thumbnails" of Art's photographs.  You can download high quality copies, (always free) at Art's website— and don't forget to check out the photos from manh of our Deerhorn past events too!


Tuesday, October 23, 2018


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JAMUL AREA CRIME STATS ... September-October

Crime Stats for September-October from
I've followed for the Jamul area for a number of years, and I've never seen this amount of crime for Jamul before.  The huge number of crime markers for populated areas (Eastlake and Rancho San Diego) is normal, but it has been a rare occurrence to see markers in Jamul and beyond. 

You won't see any DUIs reported in our area, even though we know/suspect they are quite high on 94. The Sheriff's Department does not report them out, even though both San Diego and El Cajon Police Departments do. It would help all of us to know for sure what our DUI rates are on 94 and other roads.  You CAN request the information in person or by mail for a $20 fee. The Sheriff seems to be the most protective/secretive about this kind of public information.

Summary of Jamul Crimes (Within 2-mi radius of Melody & 94)
27 total crimes reported — Not including DUIs