Sunday, August 26, 2012

9-11 MEMORIAL STAIRCLIMB: The Deerhorn Connection

DV'er Sandra Ignosci is (again) sponsoring a team of firefighters to participate in the 9-11 Memorial Stairclimb at the Hilton Hotel on San Diego Bay.  On Sunday, September 8, firefighters, emergency responders, and regular citizens will climb 110 stories (many wearing full "turnouts") to honor those who gave their lives on 9-11 carrying hoses and rescue gear up the 110 stories of the  Twin Towers in a heroic attempt to save lives.
2011 "IGNOSCI POSSE" at the San Diego Bayfront Hilton. Participants climbed 110 stories (more than three trips to the top) to honor the Heroes of 9-11. This year's event is Sunday, September 8.

The Ignosci Posse is led by Firefighter Lauren Theil.  The 8-member team has now raised $1247 for FirefighterAid, an nonprofit organization that extends a helping hand to firefighters and their families.  The Ignosci Posse has now posted the third-highest total contributions of all teams participating– just $36 behind the second-place team!) Here's what Lauren wrote on the team webpage:
"Our stair climb team name is a tribute to our now two-year sponsor, Mrs. Sandra Ignosci.  Sandra's late husband, Daniel Ignosci, was a [San Diego] Fire Captain.  Her brother, Randy, is a San Diego firefighter who was part of the Twin Towers search & rescue operation following 9-11.  She selflessly decided to sponsor our team last year because she was touched by the fact that we were the only team of Volunteer Firefighters in last year's San Diego stair climb event."   - Lauren Theil, Team Captain & Seasonal Firefighter
Check out their status on the Ignosci-Posse page.  (Just find and click "Ignosci Posse").  If you'd like to work as a volunteer on that day,  a Deerhorn Team will be carpooling to the Trolley Station bright and early on Sept. 8th.   They will join other volunteers at the Hilton Hotel to help with t-shirts, meals, and just cheer on the participants.  You can contact Sandra at

Find & Click "IGNOSCI POSSE"

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