Friday, August 17, 2012


Proposal for Utilization of Sunrise Fire Mitigation Funds F-1e and F-3a*

"...the Defensible Space Mitigation Fund annual value was calculated using the 1,300 homes at risk identified in the Fire Behavior Trend Model multiplied by $2,000 per home for a total annual value of $2,600,000 (in 2008 U.S. dollars) per year for the life of the transmission line." 
"...For example, homes that meet the grant criteria and lie within the Fire Behavior Trend Model Two Burn Period Polygons would receive the highest priority for funding. If projects remain, a second round would be solicited based on the next highest risk as determined by the Administrative Team using the model as a reference. This process would continue until all funds for that time period (one year or multiple years) were utilized."  
NOTE: Deerhorn Valley lies entirely within the area identified by SDG&E as having the highest risk from wildfire started within the Powerlink Transmission Corridor directly to our north and east. 

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