Sunday, March 27, 2011



The football-type clumps are easiest to remove for beekeepers... the lower to the ground, the better!

Spring is here, and Sven Merten (Mother Grundy) is looking for new bee swarms–
"I cannot remove an existing hive for you, only a swarm. Swarms will show up usually clustered on a low branch or anything sheltered really as they pause to rest in their search for a new hive site. I will come get your swarm/cluster of bees for free. I want to start a new hive, so the bees will not be killed. I will transfer them to a hive in my orchard where they will happily live out their natural lives. I can only go to Jamul and the surrounding areas. I am usually available anytime, just give me a call at 760-468-2296 Leave a message if I don't answer and I will get back to you promptly."
Last year all of San Diego County experienced a record number of swarms. Here in our valleys, the bees returned after two years of absence after the Harris Fire.  Before you call an exterminator, check with Sven or other beekeepers on Craigslist who will usually come and collect the swarm for little or no cost. 

Bees will often swarm right onto the trunks of our oaks.

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