Friday, March 25, 2011

Possible Predator Warning - Bright Yellow (Nissan?) Pickup

We just received this from a neighbor who lives near the Lyons Valley Trading Post. If you have experienced anything similar or have knowledge of a similar situation, please file a report with the Sheriff's Department. Call 911 or Non-emergency dispatch: (858) 565-5200
A guy in a yellow truck passed today as I was walking (I’ve seen the truck before on my walks).  A couple minutes later I saw him coming back toward me.  I thought, He must have forgotten something at home.  Then he stopped his truck as if he wanted to ask for directions.  He asked, “What color panties are you wearing?”  Thinking I was hearing wrong, I asked, “Excuse me?”  And he asked again, “What color panties are you wearing?”  I replied, “Who the hell ARE you??!”  I walked away and he took off.
I failed to get his license plate info.  He is young, probably in his late 20’s.  Light brown hair, cut short, wavy in the frontFair skinClean shavenHis truck was a newer model Nissan (I think) pickup, bright yellow.
At the Trading Post, I told Francisco about it.  He said he saw the truck speeding by, as it usually does.  He’s seen [the pickup] before many times. Hence, this guy may live in the valley or visits someone who does.
Please be careful if you walk Lyons Valley [and other nearby areas].  Tell your friends and family.  What he did to me merely freaked me out.  But we don’t know what someone like this is capable of, given the opportunity.
UPDATE: A report has been filed with the Sheriffs' Office. The incident number is: S9070881. 

Some advice from retired law enforcement. DO NOT confront this person. Try to memorize his appearance and get the license number of the car. Then call the SDSO. Several reasons come to mind, the least being; if he is armed your may get dead, if you get close enough he may grab you and I hear Mexico is rainy during this time of the year so you probably wouldn't like the trip or what happens to you if he gets you in his vehicle. Be safe out there. R. Janson
Thanks for this notice! Good info to know, and that we can share this info.He probably doesn't realize we are all "tuned in" -Debbie
I hope this neighbor will report this to the Sheriff, in case it matches up with other complaints. - Miriam

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