Thursday, March 24, 2011

News from Around the Hills & Valleys

Weather Guru Bill Stevens recorded 1.70" of rain up on The Spices from Monday's storm, and nearly another half-inch last night (Wednesday).  It looks like another incredible spring: lots of wildflowers (and weeds).
Bee Swarms: We got the first call of the year about bee swarms from a resident in Lakeside.  The swarm had collected in her bamboo and after three days was still there.  Generally swarms are docile, and will often move on after a couple of days. If they are fairly-easy-to-reach, many beekeepers will come and get them free of charge.  Check Craig'sList
The DVCA Steering Committee met Tuesday night and set plans in motion for a Self-Guided Roadside Wildflower Tour.  Numbered markers along Honey Springs and DV Roads will be keyed to a guide available online and posted at the Welcome to DV Sign.  A work session to make signs is set for next Tuesday at Rob & Kim's.  Stay tuned.
The Spring Antler is due out on May 1st, this time USPS mail.  We know folks appreciate getting a hard copy in their mailboxes, but unfortunately the $400 for printing/mailing means we can just do it once yearly.  Past Antlers are always available online, though.   Just go to the Antler Alerts link on the left.
A special public "THANK YOU" to Bob Eddy, a former and very special DV'er.  Although now living in Gardnerville, Nevada, Bob has always helped support The Antler with a very welcome donation.  Hope those trout are continuing to bite for you, Bob!
Leslie Yoder has joined the DVCA Steering Committee and will be lending her talents to The Antler, Blog, and other efforts.  She is a Lawson Valley (LV'er) who is currently on sabbatical from teaching English at Southwestern College.  Welcome aboard, Leslie!
-Posted by Kim Hamilton
Foothill Penstemon
Bush Poppies

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