Thursday, December 28, 2017


This was published in the Deerhorn Valley Antler in 2014.
Still great information. (Click image for larger—readable—view!)

There have been at least three mountain lion sightings in our area during the last few weeks— one near The Elenas and another near Deerhorn Valley Rd & Honey Springs.
This was posted on the Jamul FB page this morning by AJ Gonzalez, who lives down by DV Rd and Honey Springs:
"To all our Deerhorn neighbors. Last night our dogs caused a lot of commotion. Turns out that there was a mountain lion on the property. It hung out for a good while. Just relaxing on the rocks. Driving thedogs to go nuts."
The sighting near Mt. Elena Way was about a week ago, and most likely the same animal.
Lions will often go for easy-pickin's— goats, etc.— but their favorite prey is deer, and we've had a fair number of of those lately. The drought and lack of forage is driving them down into lower areas to graze. And the predators follow.
Just keep your animals/pets close-by— or inside— at night. Chickens should be in a fully-caged [protective screening on top]. Lions climb trees to rest and wait for deer, and fences are not much of a deterrent. 

Here's a article we ran in the Antler in 2014 about when we had several sightings and couple of kills a lion here in Deerhorn. Most of the lions in SD County are tagged, and it's rare to have one cross I-8 from the east. They are always a reminder that we live in the country— kinda keeps us humble. I treasure the sightings I've made over the years.
This is a good brochure on the basics of protecting your livestock and pets from predators, including mountain lions:

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