Friday, July 15, 2016

HP WREN Cameras... And a look at the fire burning in Baja

HP-WREN CAMERAS... (High Performance Wireless Research & Education Network)
These hi-res cameras are an excellent resource during fire season.  At least four of the cameras are located atop mountains which overlook our backcountry area.  <

The most useful cameras for Deerhorn Valley (they all have 4 cameras with 360° views)
Location of HP WREN cameras closest to Deerhorn Valley.
Below is yesterday's view of a major fire burning south of us in Baja for the last several days. No real information from CalFire... though they are surely monitoring it.  Today's views from the HPWren cameras look encouraging. Thank you to Mary Duffy for the photo.
Baja Fire burning to the south of Deerhorn Valley in Mexico.  View from Upper Deerhorn Valley Rd.