Thursday, June 30, 2016

Supervisor Jacob Conducts AM Meeting with Residents and Emerg Responders...

This article by Karen Pearlman is a very good recap of this morning's meeting.
ABC 10 News and Jared Aarons was there on site when I arrived.  Other media included Karen Pearlman (SDU-T), Miriam Raftery (, Nadin Abbott (  
Dianne Jacob opened and introduced representatives from the Sheriff's Dept (Hank Turner), CalFire (Capt. Tony Mecham, Nick Schuler, and several others, County Office of Emergency Services.  The Border Patrol did not attend, but were given a round of applause for their efforts.  Animal Services, the subject of a lot of concerns, did not attend either.
Jared Aarons, ABC-10 News
Captain Hank Turner of SD Sheriffs Office.  He will look into reports of Sheriffs failing to respond to resident reports, refusal to give their names (no nametags), and leaving search for missing couple up to community volunteers. He gave a timeline Sheriff actions (re the missing couple) beginning on June 26th.  Their bodies were found by the volunteer group after a 15 minute search yesterday (June 29th).
Potrero residents Iris Gardner and LeAnn Mitsui. Heart-wrenching testimony to searching for—and locating—the bodies of Jim and Kyrie yesterday.  They followed dog tracks up the hill behind the couple's house and located their remains sheltered between large boulders. Supervisor Jacob said she was very concerned about their description of the Sheriffs' (lack of) response to repeated requests to search for their neighbors. 
Deerhorn residents attending included Michelle Braun, Mike Kaszuba, Jen and Ed Casamassima, Kim Hamilton, and Sandra Ignosci