Saturday, November 16, 2013


Just this afternoon a couple of dog wanderers were spotted on Proctor Valley Road (1-2 miles from the pavement in Jamul), acting tired and thirsty. One looked as thought it had a shock or radio collar on.  Thanks to Barbara H. I also posted on the Jamul Lost/Found Anuimals Page:
One of two wandering dogs on Proctor Valley Road, 
It always makes me feel good when animals and their guardians reunite.  Ruby the Wandering Duck is back with her peeps!  After the Antler Alert went out, Kara Quinn Laudenslager quickly wrote back, "That's my duck!"  In a flash, she met up with Wendell Shackelford and the errant Ruby was escorted back home. Anonymous the Emu also made it back to her Upper Deerhorn home.  She was picked up by owners safe and sound.

It's the hungry time of year, and our predators are out in force.  The hawks are pairing up, and picking off some of the slower rabbits.  We're seeing coyotes in daytime and in packs of 4 and more. Several folks have spotted packs numbering eight or more. Time to tighten up the chicken coops and make sure the larger livestock, dogs, and cats are safe at night.  I have to admit, though, I love hearing them at night.  

It's c-c-c-c-old today.  Stay cozy.  Make it rain.