Tuesday, October 29, 2013


THANK YOU From Karen Koop and the DVCA Steering Committee

Sunday's Trunk or Treat was an incredible success! Just check out the great photo collages at the bottom of this post!

Thanks to our wonderful community for dressing up, decorating their vehicles and coming out for the fun. There were over 200 enthusiastic kids and equally excited adults, firefighters, sheriffs, two llamas, one goat, two mini horses, lots of friendly dogs— all decked out in adorable costumes.  We even had hayrides and live fireside music!

We couldn't have put on this event without a place to stage, so the first thank you goes to Rod and Pam McKinley for allowing us to take over their property for three days!

Then, a party of this magnitude requires a STEALTH crew of volunteers who each deserve many rounds of applause for their hours of dedication and hard work. So here they are:

SET UP CREW: Patti Maxe, Sharon Gladding, Susie Norton, Mary Jane Quinn, Alyssa Evosevich, Carole Bradford
COTTON CANDY  MASTERS: Vickie  Kerley, Mary Jane Quinn, Rob Deason, Susie Norton, Alyssa Evesovich, and friend Megan
HOT DOG CHEFS, SERVERS AND EXPEDITERS: Harry and Marsha Fulgham, Jeff Goodhartz, Patti Maxe, Sharon Gladding, Debbie Botthel and daughter, Sam
PARKING ATTENDANTS: Firefighters Brennan and Moses, Mary Duffy. Mary Jane Quinn
TICKET SALES and BALLOT TALLY-ERS: Susie Norton and David Melton
POPCORN PROS: Jim Norton, Sandra Ignosci
SOUND SYSTEM and CAMPFIRE SONGS: Rob Deason, Kim Hamilton
CLEANUP (in the rain!) CREW: Susie Norton, Pete Koop, Mary Jane Quinn, Kim Hamilton, Patti Maxe, Sharon Gladding
HAYRIDES: Cap'n Luis Chavez
LUMINARIA DIVA: Carole Bradford
BANNER INSTALLERS: Firefighters Brennan and Moses
CORNSTALK DONORS: Bill Stevens, Jen Borge
SAFETY:  Special thanks go to our  Resident Deputy Sheriffs, Enrique Diaz and Dane Weisner, and Deerhorn Station Firefighters, Brennan and Moses.
ANIMAL CELEBRITIES: Ruth Bach and Kenny from Beacon Hill Llama Farm and the beautiful llamas, Jill Powell and Peg Hance and their sweet miniature horses, Jen Borge and her adorable pet goat, and to the many friendly doggies who also came for Halloween adventures. You all added such joy to the day!

We look forward to next year's Trunk or Treat and invite anyone who'd like to be a part of the fun to join the DVCA Steering Committee on the third Tuesday of each month at 12:00 noon. For more information email us at DVCA@DeerhornValley.net

Again, thank you EVERYONE for the best Trunk or Treat ever!

T or T Organizer, Karen Koop, and the Deerhorn Valley Steering Committee: Kim Hamilton, Susie Norton, Sharon Gladding, Sandra Ignosci, Patti Maxe, Mary Jane Quinn, Mary Duffy, Carole Bradford, Rob Deason, Vickie Kerley, Jim Norton

Check out these two collages from Rob Deason (click for larger view):