Saturday, October 19, 2013

SUNDAY - Looks Like We're Stuck

Tomorrow, SUNDAY,  is JAMUL FEST & PARADE.  
SKYLINE and LYONS VALLEY RDS will be CLOSED to through traffic
8-11 AM 
The alternate is HONEY SPRINGS and SR-94.  
And it looks like they'll be working again.

Thanks to Dianne Jacob's office and JAC (Jamulians Against the Casino) I just received some SR-94 "work schedules" from CALTRANS.  We had been told that work was limited to daylight hours, Mon-Sat.  However the charts show work is scheduled 7 days a week, including day and night hours.  Click each graphic below for a larger view.
PLEASE--- This situation is worrisome and aggravating for us all. Don't take chances passing and speeding— it just makes our roads even more dangerous.   It looks from CalTrans/Granite's work schedule that there will be no through access for us out of Jamul tomorrow.

Stay safe.  Please let know the situation you find on the roads tomorrow.
Tell CalTrans this is dangerous and unacceptable (one contact below).  Of course you'll probably have to wait until Monday for that.

Delays are limited to NO LONGER THAN 10 MINUTES
BACKUPS are limited to .33 to .75 MILES

The following information was sent to Sup. Jacob by the District 11 Interim Deputy Director
Joe R. Hull, P.E.
Caltrans - District 11
Deputy District Director - Interim
4050 Taylor Street
San Diego, CA  92110
(619) 688-0101 office
(619) 688-6709 direct
 The Caltrans resident engineer is Jun (Pronounced June) Bagube at (619) 596-3203.

Jamacha Junction (54) to 0.5 mi east of Steele Cyn
0.5 mi east of Steele Cyn Rd to Rancho Jamul Dr. 
Rancho Jamul Dr. to Community Ctr Rd, Dulzura