Thursday, October 17, 2013


Looks like we'll have to EXPECT SOME MAJOR DELAYS (closures?) on SR-94 THROUGH JANUARY.  Drivers headed down Honey Springs this morning had a unexpected surprise.   They STRONGLY suggest detouring on Skyline TT and Lyons Valley Road. And if you DO take 94, there could be more than one stop, each lasting from 5-15 minutes.

CASINO TRAFFIC- I hate to keep harping on it, but this is just a small taste of what the proposed casino will be bringing our way.  SR-94 is already dangerous.  Here's some stats I found yesterday on road fatalities on the nearest 10 miles of access to other casinos.  
Data from SD U-T, June 2013

WITHOUT a casino, we already have 6 times the fatality rate as the county average.  The bandaid-fixes CalTrans has proposed so far are completely inadequate.  (Like adding an extra lane for a couple hundred yards at the entrance.)  

Over the last decade, the 10-mile section of SR-94 directly leading to the proposed Casino already has 
  • SIX TIMES the average fatality rate of all other SD County rural roads
  • FIVE TIMES the rate of Dehesa Rd into Sycuan Casino 
  • TWICE the rate of Wildcat Canyon Rd into to Barona 
Can you imagine our fatality rate WITH a Jamul Casino ?