Saturday, September 7, 2013


Winds picked up on Wednesday afternoon accompanied by a lot of lightning and thunder. Power went out, but Antler Alert was able to notify residents that one strike had hit a tree, and the fire department was responding.
We didn't know until a couple of days later that the area around Manzanita Rd (Upper Deerhorn) had suffered some serious wind damage.  Almost as if a small tornado had touched down.

Stevie Dillon (former DV'er) reported, "I am hearing of terrific damage due to recent wind/rain storms.  The Beenaus found a tree down, blocking their driveway, with phone/electric(?) lines draped in its branches.  They are unable to get phone service until next Thursday!  Also, a good part of their roof blew off.  They have lost a number of manzanita trees.  Debbie says her neighbor had house windows blown out."
Lyn Valdivia sent these photos of the damage at her place.

Did anyone else have a similar experience during last Wednesday's storm?
Wind-damaged fence
Pine tree snapped near base.
Oak fallen across driveway
Another pine down.