Monday, September 9, 2013


Resident report from Lyons Fire from Tom Lamb (Outer Jamul Firesafe Council President)

You cannot get through 4-Corners via Honey Springs. If you come around Skyline TT you will be stopped at the Skyline Spur, and you can use that to get to Lyons Valley on the west side of 4-Corners. There is fire equipment everywhere, and as of 30 minutes ago helicopters were still in the area dropping water, with hotshot crews coming in behind. Tom Lamb said they looked like little orange ants all over the hillsides.  Tom reported that at one point the flames were 100-ft. high.

The fire started next to Skyline TT in the NNW quadrant (right hand side if you're headed from Honey Springs Rd. to Jamul.) Cause has been reported by unofficial sources as coming from a sparking power pole. SDG&E trucks have been all over the scene. No official word yet.

It looks like firefighters have a good handle on the fire, assuming no dramatic wind shifts or changes in other conditions. Almost no smoke visible at this time.

Some air resources from out-of-county are being released back to their home airfields (Porterville for one)

Tom estimated the area at about 500 acres.

Fire crews will be on duty throughout the evening.

Earlier view from Honey Springs Rd.