Wednesday, July 24, 2013


5:10 -Brushfire Party Line posting says fire is out.  Not sure if 94 is back to two lane travel.  Please advise if you have info:

5:25 Two reports that road is still down to 1 lane, but traffic moving through without much delay.  Thanks Tracie and Allison.

EARLIER: Brushfire reported on shoulder of SR-94 between Proctor Valley Rd and Jamul Estates.  First reports said smoke was blowing across both lanes.  CHP has closed the eastbound lane; traffic control is in effect and cars are moving through in both directions.
Sounds as though FD has things under control, as some units are returning.
If you are stuck on 94 or have any other information please let us know.  As usual, information is spotty, and the computer scanner is scratchy.
Thank you to Jodie LaRosh, Nadin from, Kim Beales, Rod McKinley, and Dan Wemple for the info and updates.

NOTE:  Imagine this same rush-hour/wildfire situation with a Casino traffic added to the mix.  [shudder]