Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The Urban Corps Chipping Crew arrived at our place promptly at 9AM this morning.  It is hard to believe how quickly they reduced our two-year-old piles of brush to one neat pyramid of wood chips.  That machine is one impressive monster– and the 4-man crew worked non-stop.  We had cold water available; with temperatures due to soar while they're here in Deerhorn, they'll need to stay hydrated.   The crew was fast, and finished in about an hour.They even raked and cleaned up.  Truly above and beyond service!  We could hear the sound of chipping throughout the day as they moved around to nearby properties.
A four-man crew from Urban Corps and a monster chipper made short work of our brush piles.
Many thanks to DV'er Anne Evosevich who discovered the program alerted us to it.  This year (driest in decades) the County stopped funding their Chipping Program.  With the loss of so many oaks to the GSOB Beetles and all the dry vegetation,  this program is so important in keeping us safe.   The crew is part of Urban Corps, and the program is managed through the Resource Conservation District who sponsors the County FireSafe Councils.  Many thanks, guys!