Friday, February 8, 2013


SATURDAY UPDATE:  Well, we were ready but the snow wasn't.  After all the wild weather alerts yesterday, it seemed Deerhorn would awake to another Snowy Saturday.  Alas... just ice and mud.
YESTERDAY: The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Advisory for Deerhorn for snow showers this afternoon and evening as low as 2,000 feet. There are already reports of snow at Four-Corners, and a shower with mixed rain and snow just pelted the Elena Lane area.
Drive safely, and get home early.
UPDATE: It looks like the CHP got it's signals and dispatches crossed... the only accident was at Lyons Valley Rd and 94, no injuries, and pretty quickly moved to the side.   A single-car rollover with a downed power line occurred during the last hour on Highway 94 in front of Steele Canyon High School.  Avoid the area if possible.  You can use Jamul Drive (up Mexican Canyon) to access Lyons Valley Rd.