Thursday, February 21, 2013


MARCH 15:  Applications and W-9 due
APRIL 8-17: Email notification of approval
JULY 15: All work completed
JULY 31: Receipts and Work Completion forms due
Deerhorn Valley residences are among the original 1,300 properties SDG&E identified as “at risk of catastrophic fire” due to ignition caused by the Powerlink lines just to our east.  
“Mitigation Measure F-1e … the Defensible Space Mitigation Fund annual value was calculated using the 1,300 homes at risk identified in the Fire Behavior Trend Model multiplied by $2,000 per home for a total annual value of $2,600,000 (in 2008 U.S. dollars) per year for the life of the transmission line.
“Grants from the fund shall be distributed to those homeowners at highest risk of sustaining structure damage from an ignition-related to the transmission line…”
The Grants Office has sent out many thousands of applications, even though they identified only 1300-1500 "At-Risk" properties (including most of Deerhorn Valley) on their Risk Assessment Map.  On your application consider including a statement that your home is located in Deerhorn Valley and labeled on the Powerlink Fire Behavior Trend Model Map as a “Residential Asset At Risk.”  A copy of the map is posted below.  Click the image for a closer view.
Full details on this year's program are online: or you can contact the Grants Office directly at (619) 722-7512