Thursday, November 15, 2012


12/3/12 UPDATE: 
Here is a direct link to the Petition Form including a statement "Reason for Appeal" to attach:

Bills for the new CalFire Fire Tax/Fee have arrived.  The $150 is partially offset by the $35 Benefit Fee we already pay.  Residents are being charged for each "Habitable Structure" on their property, and this may include mobiles, etc. even if not occupied or being used for storage.  This fee/tax is being challenged by several groups.  Sup. Dianne Jacob has opposed the tax since its inception.  Here are the steps she suggests to file a protest and avoid penalties and interest:
  • PAY it within the 30-day due date and write UNDER PROTEST on the notation line of the check. Make copies of the check and send the original with the bill. 
  • Go to and click on the link labeled APPEAL PROCESS.  Fill out the petition to formally challenge the fee.
  • Send a COPY of the PETITION and a COPY of the CHECK to these three addresses: 
  • Fire Prevention Petitions, P.O. Box 2254, Suisun City, CA, 94585 
  • Board of Forestry and Fire Protection, P.O. Box 944246, Sacramento, CA, 94244
  • Board of Equalization, P.O. Box 942879, Sacramento, CA, 94279