Tuesday, May 22, 2012

VOTE: Should the Jamul Indians build a casino?

The San Diego Union-Tribune currently has a poll open.  If you haven't already voted, please do so.  These comments will be part of the record and a good rebuttal to those who say the residents are OK with this latest proposal.
Below are the results as of today (Tuesday afternoon.)  With nearly 800 votes from throughout the county, more than 80% say "no."  Be sure to read the comments (37 at last count).  Many are from those who have spent years, even decades involved in the various projects the current tribal leaders have put forward.
If you have not yet registered your vote, here is the link:

Results as of 4:44 pm Tuesday 5/22/12
How to remove and evict your anti-casino elders from the Jamul Tribe and their life-long homes: with armed private security and bulldozers.
Artist rendering of current proposal.  It is surely difficult to depict thousands of cars; the artist shows just one.

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