Saturday, March 17, 2012


We may be in the midst of a winter storm, but spring is still poking through the cracks. Suzanne Malden writes: Yesterday (Friday) I was fortunate enough to see the Bullock's Oriole for the first time this season. He was on a spike from a century plant [agave].
The NWS removed its LOW SNOW warning, although flurries are still predicted tonight and tomorrow above 2500' as cold temperatures follow the main front.  Heaviest rains are predicted later this afternoon/evening, then the cold arrives. We've got the woodstove fired up, and I have a great excuse to stay in and read a good book– thanks to Ariele Brooke-Johannsen who dropped off Shadow of the Wind the other day.
Bullock's Oriole rests in a blooming Century Plant (agave) at the Malden Residence off Deerhorn Valley Rd.

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