Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Eowyn Smith from Wilde Oakes Farm near the top of Deerhorn Valley Road is warning neighbors and fellow DV'ers about a serious incident that took place last week:

Our farm dog was poisoned by antifreeze last week somewhere at the end of Deerhorn (she went missing for about 20 min to half hour). After showing signs of "drunken paralysis" we took her to the vet that eve. She underwent 36 hours of treatment and is now doing much better (it is best to catch this as soon as possible or your animals kidneys may be permanently destroyed). All should know that this is happening (I am not sure if you knew but several years ago there was a rash of similar dog poisonings in the area, killing at least 6 dogs at the end of Deerhorn).

Please contact the Sheriff if anyone has any further information. Let's prevent this from happening again!
NOTE: Remember that we have two Resident Sheriffs (Enrique and Dane) who are DV neighbors and here to
 support us in keeping our community safe– including our dogs and livestock. Be sure to keep antifreeze and other chemicals secured.

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