Friday, November 18, 2011

PowerLink: The towers are going up.

Photo posted to DV FaceBook, courtesy of Peter Premananda Dyke
PowerLink Towers: Thank you to Peter P. Dyke for this photo taken from Mother Grundy/Upper Deerhorn.  The reported height of the (9) towers in our area ranges from 150-200 feet.

A composite of SDG&E's maps of the project through our area is posted here:  The map had to be located among hundreds of maps in SDGE's report that were labeled only by code, not place names.  This Southern route, originally determined to be unacceptable, was rushed through during the months following the Harris Fire.  Deerhorn, Potrero, Dulzura residents were scattered, dealing with loss of their homes, insurance issues, FEMA, rebuilding and all the emotional trauma of the disaster.  There was little time or energy to face the consequences of SDG&E's last-minute route change.  (KH)

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