Monday, June 6, 2011


BIG community thanks to Tom Lamb and the other volunteers who showed: Luis Torres, Eiwin Ruse, Sharon Gladding, Ruth Brewer, Sandra Ignosci, Kim Hamilton, Phyllis Dozier, Andy Robinson.
Signs pointed the way on Sunday... 
Call Tom to volunteer:
619 463-8408
Sunday I joined a group of neighbors who had stepped up to our FireSafe Council's call for volunteers. Task: create some defensible space around the home of an elderly couple up on Mother Grundy who needed some helping hands.
Nine volunteers arrived. All had their own weeds to whack at home, but found a couple of spare hours to help out a neighbor. That is the kind of spirit that makes Deerhorn Valley so special!
By 8:00 am Tom Lamb had the FireSafe Council's trailer in place with all tools needed: weedwhackers, pruners, saws, and even a rolling chipper. Gloves, helmets, ear and eye protection were set out, and the first volunteers arrived.
Like an old-fashioned barn raising, helping hands made the work so much easier. Sandwiches, cold cuts, potato salad, chips and cheese were laid out at lunch time. Clean porta-potties were set up, and unlimited chilled water and juices filled the coolers. Friends were made, stories shared, and most of the volunteers stayed through the afternoon. It just felt that good to be working together!
This was a 100% volunteer effort, and the first of it's kind here in Deerhorn. Nobody else is going to do this work for us... so we'll get her done in true community fashion!
 Have a couple of weekend hours to lend? You'll meet new friends, help a deserving neighbor out, and have that feel-good glow knowing what you did made a difference.

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