Monday, June 6, 2011


Jill Powell's special companion, Fender, went missing yesterday.  Before we could even get out a notice, good neighbors (what other kind do we have?!) had gone to the rescue:  
FENDER... Back at home.
Found my dog.  So very grateful for a kind neighbor!  I held a rattlesnake avoidance class this morning at our place.  Funny how Fender conveniently went missing and I located him shortly after it was over.  The other two dogs failed to get out of the class….
Fender [was] found on Honey Springs at Mother Grundy by a woman sitting on her patio.  She had not seen me with my horse trailer but saw Fender and said it was clear he was chasing after something.  So she kenneled him and hung a sign on the board there.  She had called Animal Control but was going to wait till Monday and take him in to be scanned for microchip.  Her son [wanted] him... and when I went to get him I was greeted by 3 other dogs.  Seems he might not have missed me much!  AWESOME NEIGHBORS WE HAVE OUT HERE!   -Jill Powell

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