Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SNOW PREDICTION: Enjoy–– But Be Prepared

This next weather storm is predicted to be VERY cold, with snow levels as low as 1000 feet over the weekend--- probably Saturday and Saturday night. The National Weather Service is warning that with snow levels so low "this weather could be deadly for unprepared hikers or campers."
Stay updated on the coming weather as you plan your weekend. Over the years we have seen snow that prevented us from coming up Deerhorn Valley Road without chains. (And who carries chains in Deerhorn?!) Mother Grundy and other unpaved roads could be treacherous until the snow melts (to mud).
We're gonna lay in some extra firewood, and do the have-to chores today and tomorrow.
Stay prepared.   A beautiful Deerhorn snowfall is a very special time.
2008 Valentines Day Snowfall -- Elena Lane.  Mount Elena in the background.

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