Thursday, February 24, 2011


This week a Lyons Valley neighbor was approached by a large white truck selling meat, and warns that this may be a scam that has been seen in many states.  The delivery people claimed that a neighbor had cancelled the order, and they would give her a great deal to avoid having to take it back to the warehouse.  She was victimized and is trying to get her money back, but wants to warn others: BE WARY IF APPROACHED TO BUY MEAT OFFERED TO YOU AT YOUR HOME.  It may be stolen, substandard, or stored in unsanitary conditions. If you have had any experience with meat arriving unannounced at your door, she would like to connect with you and share the legal codes to challenge the order and get your money back. She says, "I'm utterly sickened that people like this are exploiting our --or any-- community. They have no scruples and rely on our shame to keep us quiet." Well said.  We all need to look out after one another.
Try Googling "Meat Home Delivery Scams"  This incident has all the markers.
UPDATE: Several people have let us know that they were victimized in a similar way by home-delivery meat "businesses."  100 pounds at $4/lb turned out to be just 100 "pieces" at the same cost... more than doubling the cost.  The claim is usually that the customer "misheard."  Others reported that the meat was inconsistent, some not edible, other pieces of good quality. The scam went unreported because (true for most who are victimized) people felt embarassed that they had fallen for such a ruse.  Stay tuned.


  1. This is not a scam. My roommate works for this company. He is 22 and lives here in Jamul. He works his ass off everyday trying to make enough money for rent and to hopefully soon buy a car. It is peope like you who ruin oppertunities for others. If you cwere observant you would know that Farm Fresh Foods is a Bbb accredited company and does not attain their products illegally. Please find a more reasonable form of evidence than just suspicion before you make uneducated and false accusations such as the ones here.

  2. Perhaps you can educate us as to what we can expect from delivered meat that we have not ordered. Do drivers carry a health permit, for example? Sadly the BBB is simply a pay to join business organization and does not respond to consumer complaints. The Iowa Attorney General issued a warning some years ago. Saying that a client can buy the meat at a discount because a neighbor cancelled an order is exactly the scam that he warns about. How do we know who is legitimate when they simply show up at the door unannounced? Please clarify. Thanks.

  3. This company has been in business for over 15 years. There are no laws requiring the drivers to carry a health permit to deliver sealed food products. This is the same for more well known companies such as Schwans. Their drivers dont carry health permits either. I spoke to someone who used to work at the Lyons Valley Trading Post might be suprised to know that the frozen bacon wrapped filets they sell are delivered by
    Farm Fresh Foods. Perhaps the driver was not truthful when he said he had extra from another customer's order, however to assume that this company is
    scam because of a sales technique is wrong. The company also
    guarantees their products for a year or your money back. Maybe next time research the company or ask others on here if they have had experience with them before spreading rumors which could potentially ruin business and a way of making ends meet for people like my roommate.

  4. Appreciate the information, although it is a surprise that there is no kind of regulation for selling food products this way. Another neighbor here in Deerhorn was approached in the same way, but by a smaller white truck with a camper shell on back. If you read the warnings about meat delivery scams, they are usually identified by the delivery person saying an order is cancelled and they will sell it at a discounted price. It's wise to be wary, and legitimate businesses should make sure their drivers are not attempting to sell under false pretenses. Thanks for clarifying. We'll follow through and see if the money paid will be refunded as promised.

  5. @Deerhorn Valley: Actually, there are quite detailed regulations regarding selling food (and other items) in this manner. California professional and business codes, civil codes, and penal codes are all involved. I'm sure that at the federal level, Dept. of Ag regulations are also involved. Scammers count on us not knowing that. And who would? It's not our job, right?

  6. @djamul62: No one is questioning your roommate's work ethic or need for money. And, it should go without saying, those details are beside the fact. Also irrelevant is BBB accreditation or the length of time the business has been in operation.

    What matters is what happens on the ground, and the company your roommate works for is violating many state and no doubt several federal laws. This fact has been thoroughly researched and will continue to be with further investigation.

    Perhaps you can answer this: if the company has been in business for 18 years, why does its BBB accreditation date only from March 2010? Just how many times has this business changed its name?