Tuesday, September 12, 2017

FIRE GRANTS OPEN HOUSE — If you're up for two hours of driving on a weeknight via winding and unlit mountain roads.

Let SPFMG know that holding  this Open House in Alpine— on a weeknight— presents a serious hardship for those of us who must drive at least one hour (each way) on unlit mountain roads to attend. Though SPFMG and SDG&E were invited to speak at the Jamul-Dulzura Planning Group Meeting last July, they refused and said we were "welcome" to attend this meeting in Alpine. 

Our 8-5 working folks can't even get home by 6:00 PM.  SPFMG's priorities are clearly in Alpine, Harbison Canyon, Crest, and other non-qualified communities.  

Once again Deerhorn, Jamul, and Dulzura are ignored and these funds designed to "partially mitigate" our increased risk of fire from the Powerlink are going to suburban areas with underground lines.   Just smells seriously rotten.

Let them know:
SPFMG: 1-833-830-1115


SDG&E actually explained in writing why they should not be required to pay for these very homes:
  1. "Underground transmission lines do not have the capacity to result in long-term operational wildfire ignition…"  (Oops... SPFMG added all of Alpine.)
  2.  “…areas upwind of the overhead portions of the transmission line would not be affected by a Santa Ana wind-driven wildfire with its origin in the [Powerlink].”  (Oops... SPFMG added these too!)
  3. “…the community of Harbison Canyon, located in the southern portion of the figure, was reasonably excluded…due to its location, which is directly downwind of the underground portion of the transmission line.”  (Oops... Harbison Canyon, and thousands of other homes were added to Eligibility) (Oops... SPFMG added all of Harbison Canyon and other areas downwind of the underground lines.)

THEN THIS BIG OOPS... The Alpine Fire Marshal (below) is a voting member of the SPFMG.  Seems  inappropriate to have him "fighting" to include all of Underground Alpine - his jurisdiction? Maybe even a "Conflict of Interest?"  Better legal minds are checking it out.

“All of Alpine is now eligible to take advantage of the grant. I fought to…have them be a part of the total area of eligibility.” 
—Alpine Fire Marshal, January 16, 2016 
Greater Alpine Fire Control District
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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