Monday, February 27, 2017


At 12:45 PM—

Flash Flood WATCH for Jamul has been upgraded to a WARNING.
This means flooding is already occurring or imminent.

Skyline Truck Trail is reportedly blocked by rockslide with at least one lane closed.
I drove out to check on the more flood-prone areas on Deerhorn Valley Rd. and Honey Springs:

The Lower Dip on Honey Springs Rd was flooded and moving fast. I had to cross on the upstream side, and if rains continue, it could become impassable. Water at the Upper Dip is not yet up to the road surface.

Lower Deerhorn Valley Road was flooded but passable at 12:45 pm. There was a lot of mud on the road along with running water. I took it very slow and steady (after watching a bigger car go through!)

Upper Honey Springs Dip was clear of water. Creek was flowing fast under the culvert, but not on the road surface.