Friday, January 20, 2017


12:30 UPDATE
More Rocks and Boulders

JOE JEFFERS reports;
"A good sized rock in in middle of Skyline TT halfway down the grade toward stop sign at schools. Just drove past it"

County Roads responding to rocks in roadway, Skyline near Lyons Valley. ETA about now (12:15 PM)

Residents on Lower Honey Springs says it looks clear, with traffic moving through that area.

Another slide with mud, rocks, boulders reported on Lyons Valley Rd. Marked as east of 4-Corners — looks like Japatul Valley Rd
(21077 Lyons Valley Rd Loc Desc: 1/2 MI JSO Lat/Lon: 32.731716 -116.693731)
The below appears under incident report for boulders on Skyline TT, but it looks like it has been logged incorrectly. Including it just in case. Looks to me like it's referring to another crash on 94 toward SD. There are currently 35 active Incident Reports (down from 45 last hour)