Monday, October 31, 2016


What a WONDERFUL Trunk or Treat!
Beyond Expectations!


Many thanks to Art Valdivia (our official photographer) who has already posted wonderful photos for us all to enjoy and download!

From the mountains of Upper Deerhorn, to the rolling hills of Honey Springs… from the winding oak-lined Lyons Valley… to the outskirts of Joppin' Jamul.  They came.  They decorated. They gave out goodies!
Nearly 100 vehicles, lined up in rows, created the best Trunk or Treat for our kiddos! When you live in the backcountry, Halloween is kind of a challenge.  Our hearts and generosity are as big as ever, but it's just not possible for our kiddos to Trick or Treat along miles of country road.

So we have TRUNK or Treat… with neighbors from miles around gathering together, decorating their "trunks" like they were porches.  And passing out the treats!  Yesterday, at a new venue (The Bradford Ranch), we passed out treats until they were gone.  A few sprinkles of rain just made it feel a little more like Fall.  Neighbors offered their homemade goodies, crafts, woodwork, and doo-dads all under the canopies that lined the large corral area.  Hamburgers and hotdogs (with all the fix in's) sizzled on the grille (even veggie burgers!), and goblins— big, little and in-between— sparked a joyous and electric atmosphere.

A BIG thank you to the DVCA Halloween Committee for all their hard work the last couple of months.  As you made the drive up the tree-lined approach to The Bradford Ranch, their efforts and talents on behalf of our community were awesome!  I was just totally blown away!