Tuesday, June 7, 2016


But our Poll Workers are still working!

The greatest thing about voting in Deerhorn, is going down to the Fire Station.  Even if you're a mail voter, it's fun just turning in your mail ballot there.  No doubt you'll run into neighbors and friends.  It make voting day just a little more friendly (Not like the Big City!)

Thank you to these good folks who keep the Polls working for us.  Each of them attended a day-long workshop (every year!) to update their skills.  Primaries are especially hard, because there is a different ballot for every party and non-partisan voter.  These good folks will keep you organized... with NO political talk allowed! (-:  And they make sure to wear festive and patriotic dress, and spiff up the voter area... just to make us all feel more welcome!
THANK YOU TO OUR POLL WORKERS!  (L-R): Precinct Inspector: Sandy Ignosci, Sharon Gladding, Patti Maxe, Susie Norton.  ... AND TO THESE TO DEERHORN  VOTER CELEBRITIES(L-R): Dave Hradecky, Sherry Beaton, Jan Beaton

7:00 PM...
Seventy trucks en route to pick up the ballots from across the county.  DV Pollworkers will collate, count, and deliver ballots and materials to Jamul ... and wait for the truck to arrive. These folks put in a LONG day starting at 5:30 AM and not ending until all is counted, packaged, and delivered. 

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