Saturday, June 25, 2016


Thank you to Clay and KAHOOTS (Rancho San Diego)
Just one of so many good business people helping us meet the needs of Potrero's Animals
"We are completely out of chicken scratch and layer, alfalfa, dry cat food and only have one big sack of dog food left." [Update: Bob and Sue Rohbock picked up the feed, and drove their pickup out Potrero this morning. Keep us posted, Iris!]

Iris Gardener is managing the distribution right there in Potrero at Primeval Gardens Ranch, right across from the store on HWY 94. With husband Jason, kids Storm and Thor, Leann Mitsui, and other Potrero neighbors they are unloading, sorting and stacking the emergency feed. They are making sure it gets to where it is most needed and in the proper quantities.
"We are still working long days getting food and water to everyone's animals and to people in need. There have been a few solid people here in our little town who have worked side by side with me for the last week. we spent a few hours trying to capture an injured horse today, thanks to one of our friends from the Border Patrol horse unit for dropping everything and coming to our aid on that one. You guys have been nothing but the best through all of this.Suzanne Walker that's a good husband you have.
"Leann Mitsui you have been such a rock this week. Hard working and calm in all situations. Couldn't have done half what we did without you. 
It turns out CSA members who have been buying vegetables from me for years have become not only some of my closest friends but the best people I could ever know and surround myself with. The Deerhorn Valley community association canceled their annual 4th of July parade to put all their efforts behind helping me help others. They raised thousands of dollars, donated not only feed, hay and people food but generators, gas cans, propane tanks, personal vet kits, homemade bread, made lots of trips out and even helped with some farm work. I love all of you. Rapture Horse Rescue worked endless hours collecting animal food and made many trips out, helped with animals and maintained great attitudes.
Before I put the call out on FB that I needed help I spent three long hard days mostly alone, hauling water, putting out hot spots, finding and feeding animals (not always alive) and breathing lots of smoke. After one quick FB post on a weak signal from the side of the road late at night I was bombarded with donations, help, news crews, cameras, new friends, Red Cross trucks, animal control, border patrol, Magazine reporters and so many kind thoughts and offers from all of you. 
"It's been hard not having communication but I'm pretty proud of what we pulled off.
It's not over yet, we are still hauling food and water, still loading up lots of neighbors with feed and food and water for themselves. One old man I talked to today said he was still shaking. He came so close to losing everything he had. Another neighbor came in tonight to fill water barrels, they lost their barn and everything in it and their water pump and tanks. One neighbor lost everything and left behind seven dogs we are caring for, we still haven't found him. Another neighbor has wounded horses from running around in panic when the fire came through. Another neighbor who's son was killed in Iraq now just lost their home. "We will keep after it until everyone we can help has been helped. 
" I have so much catching up on FB, voicemails, messages to do..."  —Iris