Thursday, April 7, 2016


NATIVE JEWELS OF JAMUL— At Casa Colibri— here in Deerhorn— we checked in about 70 people Sunday morning. No one was in a big hurry and there was plenty of time to enjoy Rob Deason's coffee— some great roasts of Ethiopian and Guatamalan beans. There were goodies for all... more than needed, and it was such a great time talking and visiting. It's always fun to connect —and reconnect. Did we get photos? No. Duh. Just too busy having a good time.

Parking was easy, and few folks met up to carpool. Luckily, the sketchy maps in the Tour Guidebook were a minor obstacle for DV'ers who navigate by landmarks— "turn left at the dead oak.... bear right at the split... watch for the llamas/sheep/goats/emus..." The three closest garden site all saw 140-150 visitors throught the day— Rancho Chuparosa (off MGTT), Trinchera Ranch (off Sierra Cielo), and the Daley Ranch at Rancho Jamul. 

Many thanks to the Bullocks and the Quinn-Hills for opening their DV native gardens and extending such backcountry hospitality! Also a big thanks to the DV Community Association for the goodies, and Rob Deason for the fresh-roasted coffees! We've got mighty fine folks in our neck of the woods. Yes we do! 

PS— would LOVE some pics if you took any. Post here or email to Thanks!