Sunday, January 10, 2016


Its been exactly 100 years since the Great Flood of 1916 that scoured out much of Deerhorn Valley.  This dash-cam video was captured during last week's storms. Watch the size of the boulders being pushed by the flow of water and mud. If the driver had tried to turn around, it may have hit him broadside.  

Deerhorn Valley has the potential for similar flows off our fire-scarred hillsides this El Niño season. In During the last two weeks of January, over 21 inches fell at Jamul Creek where it enters the Otay Reservoir (west of Pio Pico). Enormous boulders— some still setting alongside the Honey Springs Dips— originated a mile or more upstream in Bratton Valley at the start of the rains. The Winnetka Valley— at the foot of Mother Grundy— was scoured right down to bedrock.
Something to think about.  And be prepared for.