Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Karen and Walter: The Fight To Return Home

March 10, 2002 — 7:30 AM

Karen Toggery and Walter Rosales were forcibly removed from their beds at gunpoint.

They were dragged from their homes by a faction of the Jamul Indian Village that want a casino on land ineligible for gaming.

Their worldly possessions were thrown in the back of a truck.

Walter and his friends were pepper sprayed and baton whipped by a Security Company hired as "Tribal Police."

Two days later, Karen and Walter's homes were bulldozed to the ground.

Jamulians Kymm & Andy Salmonsen dedicate this song to Karen and Walter... and their fight to return home. 

In 2014, Karen and Walter's ancestors' remains were unceremoniously dug up and deposited as backfill for the 905 Freeway and State Route 11 CalTrans overpass.

Karen and Walter's Crime:  They oppose a casino on their land.