Friday, June 19, 2015


VIA MERCADO: Drivers report 94 closed at Avocado in area of fire incident near Via Merado and Campo Rd (94) Multiple units and helicopters overhead, TV reporting that it appears to be coming under control.  No further mention of "multiple explosions in area."

MEXICO FIRE: Releasing units from Barona Fire to Monte Vista.  Possible standby for Mexico Fire.  Still monitoring.  Said no current risk to running border.

CRASH IN DULZURA: Traffic Collision on Hwy 94 near Dulzura Fire Station. Units just arrived for traffic control.  First curve just east of Gasoline Curve, 1 mile west of station.  Non-injury.  2 occupants including infant.

SKYDIVER FATALITY: Otay Lakes Rd. may be impacted from earlier fatality at gliderport.
Mexico Fire at Approx 4 PM
Via Mercado Fire at Approx. 4 PM  Hwy 94 closed at Avocado.