Sunday, January 11, 2015



Deerhorn Fire Station ~ 2383 Honey Springs Rd.
Saturday, January 17th
2:00 PM

 The Powerlink lines increased the risk of catastrophic wildfire to Deerhorn Valley and other areas.  These yearly homeowner grants are a yearly requirement for SDG&E.  But it is up to you to make your application.

For 2015 the grant is a maximum of $2137. The funds can be used for defensible space OR structure hardening*.  Nearly all grants in Deerhorn Valley are awarded for the full amount.  Deerhorn Valley is a highest-priority area.  When funds remain, they have been awarded to areas with lower risk.

These grants not only help you stay safer, they contribute the to overall safety of your neighbors and community.  

Green areas are eligible for the yearly fire grants. All parcels (with homes) in Deerhorn Valley are included.
This year's grant is for a maximum of $2137 (the grants are adjusted each year for cost-of-living). The Powerlink lines are red. The full-scale eligibility map is on the website:

If you are eligible and need an application mailed to you.  If you are a renter, the homeowner must make the application.  Make sure they are aware of this.  If you need an application mailed to you:

Sunrise Powerlink Grants Office 

A representative from the Grants Program will be there to go over this year's program and answer your questions.  Tom Lamb, Outer Jamul Firesafe Council President, will host the meeting.

More information and online application:

I posted copies of the mailed information here.  
Call the Grants Office to request a packet if you did not get yours!

2015 Brochure (General Information)

2015 Defensible Space Requirements

2015 Structure Hardening Requirements:

*This year a building permit will be required for most structure hardening projects (replacing decks, roofs, etc.)