Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Maryjane Quinn (Pringle Canyon) sent these photos along of two natives that can thrive here in Deerhorn Valley:

TOP: Mexican Flannelbush (fremontia mexicanus) and Baja Fairyduster (Calliandra californica) in all their glory! Mexican flannelbush are rare, known only in Northern Baja California and San Diego County.

BOTTOM: The Baja Fairyduster is a native that does well here—popping to life this time of year.  It's a favorite of hummers and does well in the drier Deerhorn climates. Native plant nurseries usually will stock both of these showy plants.   *Las Pilitas (Escondido) and Tree of Life (San Juan Capistrano) are two well-stocked native plant nurseries.
Mexican Flannelbush (Fremontian mexicanus)—a rare species that does well here in Deerhorn Valley.
-photo by Maryjane Quinn of her fremontia m. in Pringle Canyon,
Another native... the Baja Fairyduster.  Look closely and spot the hummer feeding!