Sunday, September 23, 2012


7:45 AM Wednesday

11:20 AM Tuesday

4:44 PM Monday
The Shockey Fire has claimed one life, presumed to be an [69*]-year old man whose body was discovered inside his home on Tierra del Sol. Neighbors had reported the man missing earlier Monday. Although warned to evacuate he chose to stay. His car was still parked at his burned residence.
[*Correction: His age is now reported to be 69 by Coroner.]

11:50 AM
The satellite photo attached shows:
1. The fire moved east (now over 23 miles from Deerhorn Valley Fire Station--denoted with the red line). The orange dots show where it was when I sent you the last update.
2. The satellites have not detected the fire in the last six hours. They seem to be better at detecting intense fires, so perhaps the correct interpretation is that the fire has calmed down--not sure.
-Dan Connors

12:13 AM (Monday) @ViejasAlerts: Shockey Fire 2,000 acres 10% contained. Evacuations: Jacumba, Boulevard, Tierra del Sol;
SW Power Grid threatened, many structures burned.

10:45 PM - 1700 acres. 10% contained. Evacuation orders still in place.

6:30 PM  CalFire reports 4 homes burned in the Tierra de Sol area.  Our thoughts and prayers are with those families tonight.

5:55 PM - Shockey (Campo) Fire now 1,000 acres and no containment. Still burning to east and south. Additional strike teams have been ordered to Boulevard and Jewel Valley. Hwy 94 is closed between Shockey Truck Trail and Tierra del Sol. Jewel Valley is under mandatory evacuation. Earlier 77 homes on Tierra del Sol were given evacuation notice. 3 structures, earlier described as outbuildings, are confirmed destroyed. Power is out in Jacumba, Live Oak Springs, and Boulevard. Phone lines are also down. Cellphone coverage is spotty or non-existent in the area.

IMPORTANT SAFETY REMINDER FOR US ALL: If you have a cellphone that can receive text messages, you can set up a Twitter account and receive updates from CalFire, SD County Emergency via text alerts... even when power and phone lines are down. Text messages can even get through when cellphone calls cannot.

Radio traffic indicates water sources are very limited. Water tenders are driving into Boulevard to fill up.

This fire is still 20 miles to our east and burning to the east and south. While we always need to stay vigilant, there is no threat at this time. This is, though, a good opportunity to take stock of your fire preparations and make sure your Evacuation Box is ready. We have another long month (at least) of Fire Season to go.

4:50 PM - From Dan Connors: "Attachment is from and is a satellite view of the Shockey fire. It uses infrared to detect fires. The red line is the distance, with the leftmost point being approximately the location of the Deerhorn Fire Station and the right-hand point in the middle of the fire. Distance is 20.5 miles. The white road is Campo and the intersection towards the left is Otay Lakes Rd." (click photo for larger view)

4:30 PM: Mandatory evacuations in Jewel Valley and Tierra del Sol. Fire has jumped road. Per EastCountyMagazine, power is out in area and some power lines have burned. IMPORTANT REMINDER: Twitter is still accessible via text alerts, even when power is out. CalFire, SD Emergency all updating via Twitter.

3:36 PM - Per San Diego County Emergency: Reverse 911 alerts sent to 77 residences on Tierra del Sol and Shockey TT east of Campo for precautionary evacuations.

3:21 PM - Establishing Evacuation Center at Mountain Empire High School

3:17 PM - 400 acres   Correction: still listed as 300 acres.  No containment.  IC requesting 4 more water tenders and 2 "Type-2" helicopters.

2:35 PM Shockey Fire from Mother Grundy.  Photo by Peter Dyke.
2:47 PM: Campo Fire is approximately 20 miles due east from Deerhorn.  West winds to 22 mph driving fire to the east.

2:32: Outbuildings burned.  350 acres.  Blaze is wind-driven.  Incident Command now at Golden Acorn Casino.  IC requesting Incident Management Team.

2:24:  Incident Command now requesting "Type 1-2-3" strike teams, 6 air tankers, 6 more handcrews

2:00 PM -- Shockey (Campo) Fire now 300 acres - Some residents alerted to prepare for evacuation.

Campo Fire near 94 and Tierra del Sol/Shockey Truck Trail.  Also being reported as 94 and Church Rd.  Now at 300 acres and rapidly spreading east.  CalFire units are now on structure protection near/on Tierra del Sol.  Smoke plume visible from Lyons Peak East Camera looking past Barrett Lake (photo above).
Thank you to Coral, Rodney, Tammy, and Harvey for calling CalFire and alerting us to the incident.
Live radio feed here:  Choose Rural CalFire -USFS feed. Viejas Alerts reports 15 engines, 2 fire crews, 2 air tankers, 2 helicopters, 1 bulldozer, 1 water tender on scene.
Fire location (Deerhorn Valley = Yellow House icon)
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