Saturday, August 4, 2012


From John Klacka, Lyons Valley Rd:
Mojave Green Rattlers... I heard that they were rumored to be out this way now, but was hoping it was just that, a rumor.  This was a particularly aggressive snake... truly beautiful and so much green hue in the coloring that I thought it was a garter snake.  But with nine rattles attached to the back, there was no mistake of its being a rattler.
I suspect this is what killed my llama, Muñeco.  It is rumored that their venom is so poisonous that a single bite is usually fatal for animals and if a human gets bit and passes out, there is no reviving, it is an ultimate death sentence.  So I told the vet, Dr. C, who wanted me to bring it in because she too has heard the rumor but also was skeptical–  but it had long since been buried.  The adjacent neighbors [said] they had already put down two.  So….we have a problem.

Ed Note: We've been hearing for the last couple of years that Mojave Greens have made their way into the foothills from the desert.  Be aware... and let us know if you've seen any.  Here is a photo from the web:
Mojave Green Rattler: Photo by Juan Peña 

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