Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Cold and rainy this morning... but so nice to have a slow wet soaking.  We measured about 0.80 inches overnight here on Elena Lane, and Bill Steven reported 0.94 inches a mile up the hill!  Almost 3 inches of snow has fallen on our Campo neighbors; DPW is out plowing their roads, along with the usual in Julian, Mt. Laguna, and Palomar.
With a new storm arriving on Wednesday, snow is expected down to 3000 feet. That means that Mother Grundy and Upper Deerhorn have a good chance of seeing some flakes.  As you go down Deerhorn Valley Rd, the chances will lessen.  It always amazes me how many micro-climates we have here: influenced by altitude, marine air (on our western side), and the little valley pockets like Winnetka, Deerhorn Flats, and Bratton Valley.  We live in a remarkable place and time.
Here are a couple of photos from the Valentine's Day snowfall in 2008... three months after the Harris Fire.  It was such a beautiful respite from the blackened landscape:

Mt. Elena basks in early sun... flaunting her mantle of snow.
Bob Morley's tractor sits its usual place at Mother Grundy and Deerhorn Valley Road.

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