Thursday, December 1, 2011


Here in Deerhorn Flats (DV Rd at Elena) we had some gusty wind last night, but nothing more than 20MPH according to our weather station.  We measured 0.12" of rain, and it's good to have another bit of soaking on the ground before the winds come our way.
CalFire reports that additional firefighters and equipment have been stationed at Jamul, as well as other areas in the county.  The SDGE website shows the 24-hour wind forecast for Deerhorn (listed as "East Jamul" - Circuit 67) will stay in the "Moderate" range (under 35 mph), but Barrett, Potero, etc are expected to be "High."
It's on the chipper side; our thermometer reads 46 right now.  But all is quiet.  Stay safe, everyone!

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