Friday, December 30, 2011

SKYLINE FAMILY LOSES HOME TO FIRE - Local Support Drive Beginning

Yesterday morning a fire destroyed the Hooper's home off out Skyline Drive.  Their neighbor and friend, Nick Baldwin, is starting a drive to help the family of three to get back on their feet.  

I know victims of the 2007 fire will be able to share what items and kind of help are best.  I plan to contribute cash or gift cards, since that can be used for anything.   Kim (Hamilton) and Rob(Deason) have also volunteered their place (Deerhorn Valley Rd. and Elena Lane) as a drop-off area to make it more convenient.

We'll send out an Antler Alert/Update and post here as more details are worked out.  

Thank you, Nick, for taking the initiative to help.             

"This is my neighbor and I want to help. I will be collecting donations for this family throughout the week. I am sure they need emergency items-blankets, warm clothes-coats?, gift cards, etc. Bring your donations to my shop at at S.C.A.R. Scar Offroad, 930 E Washington Ave. in El Cajon or drop them by my house in Jamul.  
Shop phone: 619-966-9935. 
Thanks,  Nick Baldwin 

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