Friday, September 9, 2011

Blackout and The Hum Of Generators

Backcountry residents are probably in a better situation than most folks when the power goes off. Generators growled and the lights flickered throughout the hills and valleys last night. Neighbors checked on neighbors, shared meals, swapped phones, and listened for the latest news on the region-wide power outage.
Rob and I  found ourselves stranded in Rancho San Diego where we'd made the trip down to gas up the car and do the food shopping. [NOTE: gas pumps don't work without power.]
Albertson's and the smaller had stores all closed their doors, and most cellphones were offline.  The ATT Store was locked, and the folks standing around inside weren't even interested in turning around at my knock on the door.   I headed over toward Staples and spotted a woman talking on her cell in the parking lot.  A wonderful lady I only know as "Daisy" rolled down the window and offered to make a call for us to our neighbor.  Surprisingly the call went through, and Sandra Ignosci jumped in her car, retrieved a can of gas from our place, then drove it 20 miles down the hill.  With relief watched her car arrive- and knew we'd soon be home.
New Rule: NEVER let the gas gauge go below half-full.  And remind yourself now and then that there are a lot of good people out there.

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  1. It was being stressed on KOGO Radio 600am, that San Diego Office of Emergency Services (OES) was saying not to use your landlines or cell phones but that texting was ok. Many do not use texting but maybe this is a good time to get acquainted with doing so. It may become your only means to communicate with loved ones. A retired AT&T employee explained to me that the landlines were on battery back-up so no long phone calls if you have to make one.