Sunday, July 24, 2011


With all the law enforcement stationed along SR 94 and Lyons Valley Rd, it may not be surprising that locals have apparently been pulled over more frequently for speeding or other infractions:
One caller received a speeding ticket for exceeding the 55 mph limit going down the Skyline Truck Trail downgrade.  She was  applying brakes and had two cars in front of her.  She was cited for 65 mph.
A second driver reported being pulled over on 94 Saturday night while returning from his work at a nearby restaurant.  He was informed there was no light on his rear license plate.  Upon inspection it was simply dimmed by its cover of road dust (this IS Jamul), and he was not cited.
A local grandmother (toddlers in the car) approached the intersection at Hwy 94 from Lyons Valley Rd.  She was startled to see numerous (~15) police officers out of their cars on both sides of the road, including two with guns drawn.  When she hesitated going through what appeared to be a dangerous situation one officer motioned her to move through in the middle of the road so she could turn west onto 94.  She seemed quite shaken by the incident.
It appears many Jamul residents were caught off guard by the Mongols arrival, along with the heavy police presence in Jamul.  Here are some of the questions I've been asked (and have no answers for at this point):
  • Why was so little notice given to residents before police began taking up their positions along 94 and Skyline. We were concerned and worried.  (The only news sources I was aware of that circulated information were Ch 8 or 10 News.)
  • Why did Diamond Jack's, a rural RV park, permit a Mongol Motorcycle Club Rally in our community? (A good question for the management/owners.  A check of reviews by various camping websites shows 35 available RV sites, pool, and other amenities.  Reviews are mostly positive: peaceful.. quiet.. clean.. friendly.. etc.  Was they even aware of what was coming?
  • How much has this police response cost-- and from whose budget?  (Chula Vista, El Cajon, La Mesa, County, Vista, ?)  
  • To what extent did our local businesses benefit... or did they?  (We avoided going into Jamul for dinner with overnight guests, opting instead for Eastlake.) 
  • Is this something we should expect again next year? 
The Deerhorn Valley Antler is interested in knowing your opinion or experience of this weekend's Mongol Invasion and Police Presence.  We'd especially love to hear from residents who live or pass by Diamond Jack's.
The Summer Antler is being assembled and edited now; we'd definitely like to include your perspective.  Just email  You can even be anonymous if you wish.

Many thanks,
Kim, Ariele, & Leslie
The Antler Editors

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