Sunday, July 3, 2011


The Community Reunion & Fire Station Open House held on June 26th was a great community event.  Tables of neighbors, old and new, lined the bay (I counted some 40 parked cars, so estimating the turnout at around 80!)   There was a lot of "Oh my gosh... look who's here!" and plenty of waves to friends across the tables.  Rob and I had to leave early (grandkids arriving), but Sharon Rich... long time Deerhorn resident... gives us a sense of what it was to be there:
We went to the Deerhorn Fire Dept. meeting June 26th 2011. There was a greeting table and we were all given raffle tickets. The volunteer firefighters stood tall and proud in the background. One of the purposes of the meeting was the vote for the committee. The speakers filled us in from past to present and giving the direction of the future and included a  slide show of many of those in the community who have helped along the way these years.
We were served a delicious 5 star lunch and dessert.
I would like to say to all taking part that it was a fine community effort, and those there were proud to be part of the Deerhorn community.  We thank those taking part and making it happen.
Speaking for those of us who were shy of information I would have liked to have been introduced to those seeking election as part of the meeting.  Importantly...a 'sort of' roll call of the volunteer firemen would have been nice. Yes, we were given a chance to applaud them.  –Sharon Rich
Marcia Spurgeon was the Mistress of Ceremony, and Paul and Dianne Jacob were there and honored for their donation of land.  It was a real salute to the community folks of Deerhorn Valley (1975-1993) who raised more than $40,000 to construct the fire station and then passed a Benefit Fee to make sure it would be maintained.  A plaque now rests at the foot of the flagpole, on a large native rock that Paul Jacob managed to haul over with his tractor!

The Annual Election of CSZ Board Members was also held.  It says something about the vitality and spirit of a community when there were actually more candidates than there were seats!  Congratulations to our newly-elected CSZ Board Members, and those continuing their service to the community:  
Ruth Brewer, Sandra Ignosci, Susie Norton, Mike Sandvig, Karen Thomason
Kudos and thanks to Batallion Chief John Kremensky and all our firefighters who "stood proud." Chief K collected numerous photographs of fundraising and community events from 1975 on and created a slide show with them. There were a lot of moist eyes watching the efforts of so many to create a community center and fire station. And no... we didn't even ask what was in those cups everyone was holding!
Phyllis D. was there with her camera... (thank heavens!)  You can see more of pictures on our Facebook Page:

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  1. Thank you to the San Diego Rural Fire Protection District for all the help in making the open house a success. Thank you for purchasing the food and dessert.

    Thank you again.
    Concerned Deerhorn Resident